How to Start a Blog: Blogging Guides and Tips

Starting a Blog is a relatively straight forward process, there is a plethora of competing suppliers out there that will provide the services you need at a price from free to the cost of a small mortgage. 

When I contemplated a blog the process started by finding out HOW. Any search on the net will burry you in shed loads of pages relating to starting a blog, but what you really need is the following 

1) A Service provider do host the articles. 

2) A domain name for people to look for. 

3) A content management system to ‘manage the content’. 

Now that may seem like a load of techie gibberish to most people but it is relatively simple once you get the hang of it. 

Consider publishing a book, the first item on the list above would be the book sellers / stores that will get your book out into the world, the second item would be the publicity that the publisher generates to sell the book, and the third item would be you actually writing the book ! 

Start by doing a web search for ‘Blog providers’ and see what pops up, read a few of those sites and decide about how you want your blog to be, a free service or a paid service. 

Most of the hosts for blogs and websites provide a service to purchase / register domain names so have a think about what you want to be your web address and see if it is available. 

Then get it all set up !, most web hosts offer a choice of content management systems, the most common is Wordpress, in its simplest form it is a way to keep track of all of the blog entries you write and the pictures / video you post. As your understanding expands you chosen CMS (Content Management System) can become a powerful tool to build a spectacular blog. 

Now the easy bit is done the hard part begins, what do you actually put in the blog. Now I am sure that you have ideas, but you must remember that people like to look at pictures more than read text and they like to watch videos more than look at pictures ! 

So starting a blog is relatively easy, keeping people interested will be more of a challenge. Read a few other blogs in a similar sort of area to the one you are considering. Think about what attracts you to any specific blog and what puts you off. 

Then start writing and remember if you post daily, keep up a daily post no matter what. Be consistent with your posting schedule. People are fickle, they will drift away if they don’t get their regular fix ! 

Happy Blogging.