7 Tips for Writing an Awesome Blog Posts

Blogging has become quite common today as people are embracing making their thoughts about various subjects know. One can blog as a career or hobby as it’s quite convenient for all. As you blog, you have to have a few guidelines or tips that will lead to your posts being a success in terms of quality to the audience that gets to read. You should not just jump into blogging because you think it’s all about sharing information or ideas online. You can follow the following tips to be able to write excellent blog posts: 

1. Know your audience 

Before you get to take your computer and start blogging, first get to know your audience. It would help if you did not begin to blog before getting to know who you are targeting to read your blog posts. Knowing your audience will enable you to feature the best fit genre blogs to write and the language to use. It would be best if you never guessed on your target audience as you will have no purpose as you write. You are blogging to attract an audience, and thus you have to know their tastes and preferences of topics so that you can create content for them. 

2. Plan before writing 

Your posts should be organized, and thus you may require to plan before writing. Take some good time to contemplate on the topic you want to write to your audience so that you know the key points to include. The internet is quite big, and thus you need to have an edge to attract your audience. Take time to research on the content and points to include. You can as well while planning, invest in editorial tools to ensure that you write quality content such as grammar, plagiarism and spin checkers. 

3. Get ideas from the audience 

After getting to know your audience, you should get ideas from them in particular areas of interest to write. Engaging and having an open relationship with your audience through blog reviews, tweets and comment sections makes a mutual understanding of what they expect from you and what to write to them. As you start your blog page, ensure that you use an interface that allows your audience to comment through call to action so that you can ask about what they would like to hear from you. Getting ideas from your audience enables you to write a blog post that is reflective of what they want to hear, and as they read, they will certainly connect with you. 

4. Use subheading to break pages 

As you blog, you should not have long paragraphs. Instead, make the target audience interested in reading your blog by dividing it with subtitles. As you write, you can embrace distributing your content into various sub-topics of the topic you are writing about. Using subheadings makes your blog post more enjoyable and easy to read. While using subheadings ensure that there is a flow of what you are writing and use catchy subtitles to draw the reader’s attention. Having one large paragraph makes your post look lengthy and tedious. 

5. Add images to enhance the content 

As a blogger, you can invest in some good pictures that feature the content you are writing about. Images make your post look attractive as they catch ones attention while reading. Before reading, if your post has images added to it, the human brain can capture what you are talking about as we tend to process visuals quite fast. The images you use, however, should be relevant to the topic and well organized in the blog post. As you use images, it would be best if you do not use too many of them because your post will look stuffed and scanning to read may be an issue. 

6. Be consistent 

Once you find your edge in the area which you are perfect in blogging at you, need to embrace it. Consistency is the only way you can keep your audience attracted to you. Once you gain a following, do not strive on attracting new ones too much but instead look on ways to keep the ones you have. Consistency will take you into greater heights because you have already connected with your audience, and thus you should always give them what they expect from you. 

7. Write like you talk 

The last secret to writing an excellent blog is by natural. You should write like you speak because being yourself enables you to connect with the audience. As you write, use your creativity and do not copy too much from others. Your blog post should portray you and your mindset on the topic you are writing about. The audience you are writing to will want to see you in your actual-self as they read you blogs and it should be more of like you are talking to them.